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Best Antivirus Software of 2020

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VPN access with all subscriptions
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✅ 70-day money-back guarantee
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To browse the internet securely and maintain their computers properly present, users have a superb ally: antivirus software. This quick guide will be able to help you understand the value these tools provide, the security they offer, and how to get the most out of them.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a personal or corporate computer that doesn’t run some sort of antivirus software. Users are knowledgeable about the upgrades that are periodically executed. But do we take advantage of all the chances that AV software supplies? This report reviews the key characteristics of the form of security applications that you will need to be aware of to make the most of them.

What’s the best antivirus program?

Not all antivirus software is created equally. We have scoured the internet and evaluated the top 10 antivirus platforms online based on what matters most — their value to customers. We examined antivirus software based on the coverage they provide, ease of use, price after reduction, customer satisfaction, reputation, and even more to create our antivirus ratings.

Through the board, the best-rated antivirus software came from household names like McAfee, Norton, Webroot, and Bitdefender. We stand by all the products we feature in our antivirus reviews, but finding the ideal antivirus software depends upon your needs.

To ascertain the perfect antivirus software for your needs, consider the number and assortment of devices you will need to cover, your finances, and how you behave online. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when finding computer virus protection software to fit your needs:

Are you overwhelmed by email? Think about a program like Trend Micro, Bullguard, or ESET with Innovative spam filters. Spend a whole lot of time on social media? Anti-phishing may be your priority. Downloading free music, apps, games, and other files? You will want an internet security program like Norton with a 100% virus removal guarantee if you happen to download a malicious file. Work with sensitive information? Kaspersky provides up-to-the-minute protection against spyware whereas McAfee allows you to delete sensitive files permanently. Would you want an antivirus for Windows, Mac, Android, or an iPhone? Make certain you receive the coverage that covers all your devices.

Ask yourself what you need then talk to our expert antivirus reviews to compare McAfee vs Norton, Webroot, ESET, and much more. We have examined and analyzed the best antivirus applications so that you don’t need to.

Do I really need antivirus software?

Cybercrime is big business. There are over 1.5 million annual cyber attacks — 3 each second. Criminals use increasingly advanced procedures to execute malware, phishing, scams, and other approaches to steal money and personal information — to the tune of $400 billion annually based on internet security pros at McAfee. Actually, cybercrime affects upwards of 17% of the online population, whereas physical crime rates are below 5 percent.

Save yourself the cost of working with a digital attack before it costs you big. For a low annual cost, you can get complete antivirus protection from respectable companies with years of experience keeping customers safe online. With prices under $20 annually, how can you manage not having antivirus software?

Is free antivirus software good enough?

The best free antivirus software falls short in contrast to compensated security. Though it’s possible to get a free antivirus download from respectable companies like AVG — they do not supply the specific amount of real-time malware and security removal as the best antivirus program.

Most free antivirus software, like the ESET Online Scanner, utilizes state-of-the-art technology to scan your computer and locate any malicious files or vulnerabilities. They supply directions on the best way best to remove threats. This process, however, can be hard and there are plenty of different things that can go wrong putting you at even greater risk. Paid antivirus programs make it easy by automatically detecting and eliminating risks that could place your identity, files, and money in danger.

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We recommend that you skip the free virus protection and get antivirus software that makes maintaining your computer safe easy. Compare the 10 best antivirus programs and get protected now!

Trusting our best pick

Navigating the numerous alternatives for each consumer buy could be challenging. Our team spends hours doing research, combing through forums, and analyzing customer testimonials on the most basic of household goods, and we summarize that information in clear, precise comparisons.

Join the millions that have trusted LiveHappyWater.ca to help them make smarter buying decisions. We help our readers to invest their money wisely and find the perfect product to suit their exact needs. Our independent expert reviews and data-driven shopping recommendations empower you to find the antivirus software that’s appropriate for you. Read more software review of TotalAV.

What sets us apart?

We leverage customer information to comprehend decision-making and set the best products confronting every user. We tailor our comparisons to what matters to our user’s needs, specific or broad. We keep our content current, we are constantly seeking new merchants and products to compare, and we are quick to eliminate any which are obsolete or no longer meet our standards. Our positions change daily based on our proprietary calculations, that crunch data to ascertain top-performing goods and tailor-made recommendations to exactly what our readers are trying to find.

In conclusion, antivirus programs are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and provide a very substantial amount of security: they are, undoubtedly, the best ally users can depend on to protect themselves from’malware’ attacks and their consequences. But remember: the first link in the security chain is still the individual.

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