If you have ever opened a malicious link by mistake or had your identity stolen, then you understand the value of great antivirus software. Whether you have a PC or Mac, everybody has to be sheltered from incoming viruses, malware, and spyware, but some antivirus suites go the extra mile by giving file backup services and password protection.

Anyone who thinks that their computer is fine without the guidance of an excellent part of antivirus software immediately changes their tune when they become the victim of ransomware or a Trojan horse, so save your future self a huge amount of trouble by installing a top antivirus package in your PC with the support of our buying guide. It includes all of the information you want to begin and a couple of quick reviews of our favorites in the end. Our best choice is Webroot Internet Security Complete, which provides loads of excellent features to keep your devices secure.


Considerations When Choosing Antivirus Software

Operating system

The main thing to learn about any antivirus software you’re thinking about is whether it is compatible with your computer’s operating system. Windows is generally viewed as the default, so if your computer is a Mac or Linux, double-check that the antivirus program will work on your system before you purchase.

Protected devices

When purchasing an antivirus program, another major concern you might have is whether you will have the ability to install it on multiple computers. Although most worthwhile kinds of antivirus software will make it possible for you to install the application on five or so computers, you need to take a little time to learn exactly how many devices you’ll have the ability to protect with one buy. Some apps can protect not only your computer but also your smartphone and tablet, too.


Ransomware protection

Ransomware is a horrible kind of malware which infects your documents and leaves you with the grim ultimatum of having to cover a literal ransom in return for a password to retrieve your files. A good antivirus program will also actively look out for known ransomware and immediately quarantine this sort of malware if it ever appears.

Identity protection

It’s surprisingly simple for criminals to steal your identity online, but a top-quality antivirus software that actively protects your identity goes a long way toward keeping your sensitive information procured. Noteworthy kinds of identity security include password protection and notifying users from phishing attempts.

Active monitoring

While a few lesser antivirus programs may scan your computer at a select time after daily, the top models will always search for signs of trouble in the background. Not only does this kind of antivirus protection continuously search for incoming threats, however, you’ll also have the reassurance that includes active monitoring.


Normally, the expense of an antivirus program ranges anywhere between $14 and $40. Buyers should take into consideration every model’s list of computer-protecting attributes, the ability to install the software on a single or several devices, and if the antivirus software is a one-time or yearly purchase when comparing different choices.